RALTEC® Electronics
--division of GENVAC Aerospace, Inc. (genvac.com)

Research -- Design -- Development -- Prototyping -- Documentation

Custom Instrumentation and Product Development
R&D Test Equipment, Physics Research, Nuclear Electronics
Product Manufacturing, Evaluation, and Burn-in Test Racks
Product Calibration Setups, Manufacturing Parameter Logging
HV Pulse Switches to 20kV --100nSec rise/fall 5kW Peak Pulse
Products under client or "private label" brand name.

Gaseous Discharge --Electronic/Magnetic/RF Ballasts, Igniters
Light-Emitting-Diode, Pulse-Width Modulation, Color Mixing
Fiber-Optic Distribution of Light
Commercial, Industrial, Military
Industrial Process Equipment Repair
  --We repair and rebuild "obsolete" equipment, that still needs to be in service,
including fabricating repair parts and modules from raw materials when needed.

Radio Frequency
AM-FM Broadcast Transmitter Repairs & Maintenance
  ----AM Radio Annual NRSC Test Data Services
ISM: Industrial-Scientific-Medical RF Generators 13.56 MHz
Electromagnetic Interference Tracking
  ----broadband, noise, and carrier-based sources
Direction Finders, including the HANDI-Finder®

Affiliates and Activities
GENVAC Aerospace Inc --Military Optical Coatings, High Vacuum Technology www.genvac.com
Teraphysics Inc --Breakthru Mini-TWT for 5G Backhaul and Beyond! www.teraphysics.com
ADVANCED LIGHTING Technologies Inc.(ADLT) www.adlt.com
Venture Lighting Inc --Metal Halide Lighting Manufacturers www.venturelighting.com
Fiberstars Inc. (FBST) --Fiber-Optic Lighting Products www.fiberstars.com
Energy Focus Inc. --Fiber-Optic Lighting Products
DEEPSEA Power & Light --Oceanic Research Lighting Products www.deepsea.com

Molecular Data Corporation --X-Ray Diffraction, X-Ray Fluorescence (Click here for RATEMETER Service)
Two-Way Service Inc. --Radio Communications, Rentals, Special Events www.twowayinc.com

RALTEC®Electronics divison of GENVAC Aerospace, Inc., 110 Alpha Park, Cleveland, OH 44143 USA

Contact: Robert A. Leskovec, email: RAL@genvac.com, Phone Messages: 440-804-6493, Selected Publications & Patents

--previous related entities: --Lake Electronics Company, Cleveland, Ohio, founded 1959, --RALTEC, Inc. (Ohio), registered 1974

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