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MDC Ratemeter

MDC Ratemeter

RALTEC Electronics Division of GENVAC Aerospace, Inc.) has retained the complete documentation and parts inventory for the MDC Ratemeter series originally supplied by the Molecular Data Corporation of Cleveland, Ohio, which is no longer in business.

These units were principally supplied for industrial X-ray orientation, for example in the Quartz Crystal Industry.

RALTEC provides complete repair, and re-calibration services, as well as modifications, rebuilding of damaged units, and fabrication of replacement units.

RALTEC services the Ratemeter, and the cable assembly connecting to the Scintillation Detector.

Basic Repair, Refurb, and Recalibration is $250 fixed fee per unit including return shipping.   P.O. or Check must accompany order.

Manuals and Tech Data covering the production series is available in PDF format on CD, at $50 each, including shipping.  Order must be accompanied by check made out to "GENVAC Aerospace".

RALTEC can also help to obtain replacements for the Scintillation Detector based on availability from the original supplier: Bicron-NE.

Above included shipping applies to U.S. only. For inquiries, send email to:

RALTEC Electronics Division of GENVAC Aerospace, Cleveland, OH 44143 USA

Contact: E-Mail: Robert Leskovec,,   Message Line: 440-804-6493

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